What's All This About Options?

If you know that Options can be useful . . .

If only you understood them . . .

If you've always wanted to learn about Options . . .

But didn't know how to get started . . .

Options Trading - A Newbies' Guide is just what you are looking for.

>>What Can You Expect?

This book assumes no prior knowledge of Options, and leads you through not only the basics, but also

shows you the power of different options strategies.

>>Who Is Telling You

Northcott is a best-selling financial author and trading educator, and has specialized for years in

providing easily understandable information on financial topics for beginners. With a passion for

straight talk, he provides all the information you need in a beginners guide to Options. When you have

finished the book, you will see exactly how Options can fit into your trading plans.

While no book or strategy can guarantee you a profit, this guide for beginners will open your eyes to

the possibilities, and point out the pitfalls to be avoided.

Highly recommended!