The plain man's guide to Forex

Forex, let's face it, can be confusing. What's all that stuff about "lots" and "pips" mean?

And you "control" $100,000 of currency with your trade? You had better know what you are doing!

Forex - A Newbies' Guide tells you in straightforward terms just what the Forex market is about, as practiced by thousands of traders around the world. It's written so that you can understand, and it points out the many pitfalls, as well as explaining the advantages of Forex trading over conventional investing.

Forget jargon-laden study guides, and finally find out how it all works.

>>Here's What You'll Learn

This book assumes no prior knowledge of the foreign exchange market, and starting at the beginning explains what it is about, and goes on to tell you how you can take part in it. You will find out: -

how the currency markets operate

what to watch out for online - you could be duped!

tips and tricks of technical analysis

the fundamental market movers

potential problems with your approach to money

types of orders and their consequences

ways to escape with a profit

how to put together a plan

>>Who Is Telling You

Northcott is a best-selling financial author and has specialized for years in providing easily understandable information on financial topics for beginners. "Forex - A Newbies Guide" was the first to be published in the Newbies Guides to Finance series.

Here's what reviewers are saying about Newbies Guide to Forex:

"For anyone who's even thought about Forex and didn't know where to start, I can't imagine any newbie Forex book being more helpful than this."

"By the time I finished this book, I'd learned a lot. Oh, I'm sure I'm phrasing a few things in newbie-ish terms in this review, but that's okay. I've only read this book once. This is a book I'll re-read at least twice more, and get a better grasp of Forex, each time. On the first reading, this book unraveled many concepts that had baffled me, before." -Aisling D'Art